Here are our top three Pre-travel tips:

Learn About the Place

Develop a curiosity about your destination – it is always a good idea to brush-up on the cultural attributes of a destination prior to arrival. Take a few moments to learn about the history and geography of the destination to gain a deeper appreciation of everything the location has to offer. Also, spend some time reading about the cuisine of the host-nation to maximize your culinary satisfaction.

Communication is Key

One may assume that English is the international language of the world; however, almost everyone in a host-nation will appreciate you making an effort to learn a little bit of their language.

A simple “Hello” and “Thank you” will go a long way if it’s in a language familiar to your hosts. In the age of technology, you can also rely on phone apps like Google Translate to help with this important task.

Capitalize on Time

You must maximize your utility of time, as it is finite.

A Travel Itinerary or agenda can be a powerful addition to the arsenal of any traveler. It can help you organize and plan your trip. Also, always keep a full water bottle handy to get you through long-walks.

Ultimately, being prepared will convert your anxiety into confidence and angst into joy.

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